If there is one place on this list you should not miss it is Zeitgeist at the Jolly Gardener’s in Vauxhall. It was responsible for igniting my enthusiasm for this project even though I didn’t get in four years ago when I went to watch Germany vs Argentina.   When I arrived there were people swigging steins while standing on tables, chanting German songs while eating Bratwursts and generally making a huge amount of noise.  Following the Germans emphatic 4-0 victory they all continued the party out on to the street, so much so that local buses had to be diverted. It was a German takeover on a residential road in south west London. Who knew this many Germans even lived in London!  You don’t really need much more detail than that but this time they are charging £10 for the German games (don’t expect it to be any less rammed though) and that will get you a bratwurst and vodka brause on top of entry.

If you don’t fancy trekking to the depths of south London then the Bavarian Beerhouse in Old Street is the next best option.  A huge range of German beers are served in the mandatory steins including Krombacher (both light and dark versions), Erdinger wheat beer and Loowenbrau. It’s £10 to get in which doesn’t get you anything other than a seat with a good view. However, that might be a very valuable commodity if Germany go the distance.


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