Watching Brazil play in a Brazilian World Cup with Brazilian expats should be fairly high up on your agenda this summer. There are a couple of places in London where you can do that but Canecao in Camden Town looks like the best bet. They will show every game (not just the Brazilian ones) on four screens including one big one. Disguised as a traditional pub from the outside, the gold and green theme is much more evident once you step inside. They assured me the place would be jumping with Brazilians  drinking their ice-cold Brahmas from 12th June onwards.

Other options for watching the Selecao are the Barraco Cafe in Willesden and the more well known Guanabara bar in Covent Garden which will be a stronghold for all Latin American fans during the tournament. Barraco claims to serve “the coldest beer in London” and recreate the atmosphere of a ‘Boteco’ or corner bar which is a Brazilian institution, serving everything from Caipirinhas cocktails to feijoda, a pork and black bean stew which is a staple in Brazilian restaurants. Guanabara is a ticketed affair for Brazilian and England games but will be pulling out all the stops;  samba dancers, capoeira performers, football freestylers, and other Brazilian entertainment- with 6 large screens & 2 60’ LED screens projecting all the action.


One thought on “Brazil

  1. Guanabara is also doing a silent disco style thing when it comes to showing the footie, so you can wear headphones and listen to the game. Bar called Salsa! also in Covent Garden are showing the games and I think they do a happy hour!

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